Complete Management Solutions

Manage process performance for Quality, Risk, Compliance  and Productivity


Online process documentation!

Share all your procedures & policies easily and accessible 24/7


Get access to best practices!

4m-focus is developed by experienced professionals who've worked for blue chip firms and understand the challenges you face.



Cost effective solutions!

Affordable QMS Software for Small and Medium Sized Companies


Executives and managers to implement a process tell us their success depends upon:

  • Fast and convenient data collection
  • Efficient, secure data organization
  • Data sharing with related processes
  • Flexible reporting capabilities & Analysis options
  • Reliable growth & expansion paths

4m-focus provides a reliable, affordable system to help organizations reach their goals.

  • Process Documentation
  • Operational Health & Safety
  • Quality Assurance
  • Risk & Compliance Reporting
  • Productivity & Performance Analyses

Integrated systems, a 360° approach

Today's marketplaces are characterized by reduced product life cycles, higher levels of service and increasing compliance pressure. Furthermore, organizations are under increasing pressure to demonstrate their social responsible citizenship through effective quality management, sound environmental practices and a robust safety culture.

'4m-focus' is a software management system that integrates all of your organization's systems and processes into one complete framework, enabling an organization to work as one single unit with unified objectives, with each business function aligned behind one basic goal: improving the quality and performance of your organization as a whole. '4m-focus' provides a clear picture of all aspects of your organization, as well as how they affect each other, and their associated risks.

Instead of "silos" , you have one co-ordinated system: one that's greater than the sum of its parts.
Integrated Management is relevant to any organization, regardless of size or sector, looking to implement or integrate two or more of its management systems into one cohesive system with a 3 dimensional set of documentation, policies, procedures and processes.

Your advantages are less duplication, faster & coherent decision taking, collaborative & knowledge sharing and cost rationalizations!



You better stop your daily coffee and spend the money on 4m-focus , it will boost your quality system , it 's better for your health and your business.

Robert Hyland

4m-focus is the perfect vehicle to consolidate and communicate concepts of quality!

Sandvik Benelux

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